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Deadlines & essays updated for 2020 intake

IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experiences


IIM I EPGP Interview Preparation package

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IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experience 1

Here is my IIM Indore EPGP interview experience. Questions asked:

What is ONGC - have you heard of it?

What does it do?

Where all in India we have oil refineries ? Who owns them?

I belong to Odisha - So next question is population of Odisha?

Number of Lok sabha seats from Orissa?

2 things which are scientifically unexplainable in Puri Jagannath temple?

Population of Kolkata and West Bengal?

Estimate the total coastal area length of India?

Market share of TCS much 1 billion USD is in rupees?

If 8 people(4 couples) are coming to a room and sitting around a round table...what's probability that Husband and Wife will always sit together?

If Tesla plans to launch cars in India what all factors it has to consider? Skipped it as i dont have much knowledge about cars so they switched to bike

If Honda has to launch an off road bike, what are the 3 important things it has to consider?

Who is going to win Gujarat Election and why?

Final result : Offered admission

IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experience 2

3 professors, stressful and very serious environment.

A, B,C( Chairman EPGP)

A- Tell me about yourself

2 Cross questions on same

B- You are from Oil and Gas- Crude import bill of India.?

C- Solar plane name? did it land in India? where?

B- Your company's total revenue?-convert it in rupees? Profits?

A- why MBA

A- Why now?

A- Where do u want to work after EPGP?

C- What do you do now?

C- What is the latest JV your company did?

C- Why was your company fined?

C- Any questions for us?