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Deadlines & essays updated for 2020 intake

Warwick Essays & Deadlines


Warwick Essay Review package

INR 11000 or USD 260

Warwick Application Deadlines

Round 1(1 Oct 2017), Round 2(26 Nov 2017), Round 3(7 Jan 2018), Round 4(25 Mar 2018), Round 5(31 May 2018), Round 6(31 Jul 2018)

Warwick Essays

Warwick Essay 1: Please describe your main interests and leisure activities, and any other experience or involvement that has significantly influenced your career or personal development. (200 words)

Warwick Essay 2.  Please explain your principal reasons for wishing to join the Warwick MBA. Describe your career aspirations, the contribution you will make to the programme and, if you will be sponsored, the value you will add to your sponsoring organisation.  (200 words)

Warwick Essay 3. Choose from one of the following two topics: Either "In your opinion, what are the key issues facing your organisation over the next five years?" OR "Identify the major strengths and weaknesses of an organisation of your choice. If you were the CEO, what three things would you change?"  ( 1000 words)

Warwick Optional Essay: Please use this page for any additional information that was not captured within your application. If you feel you've already provided us with sufficient information about yourself, you need not add anything here. (500 words)