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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

IIM Lucknow IPMX Essays & Deadlines

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IIM Lucknow IPMX Application Deadlines

Application Portal for 2021 intake open now.

Round 1 (18 Nov 2020), Round 2 (21 Jan 2021)


IIM Lucknow IPMX Sample Essays

1. Why you wish to pursue the IPMX? (200 words)

Infosys retail business unit partners with 7 of the top 10 retailers in the world for various strategic initiatives. Based on this experience and knowledge, I see that retail industry is disrupted by changes in customer behaviour and advent of digital technologies. Since the origin of customer buying moved from stores to online, the future growth for retailers will be driven by innovative usage technology and data. Hence retail organizations will be digitally enabled and transformed by leaders with retail industry and technology experiences. However, I need to enhance my knowledge and widen my perspectives to grab these opportunities. In this direction, the core courses taught in IPMX will provide me a solid foundation of business functions. Electives in strategy, marketing and international business will provide deeper insights for conceptualizing digital strategy. Further, independent project under the guidance of renowned professors along with the international immersion program will enrich my skills by applying learning in a global context. The leadership talk series and connects with esteemed alumni will give me an opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders. In summary, I strongly believe that IPMX will be a transformative leadership experience to achieve my career goals.


2. Please describe your short-term and long-term career goals.(200 words)

Throughout my career I have led diverse teams and executed several major initiatives for industry leading retailers such as ABC, XYZ and Xmart. Since 2015, in Xmart, I managed change and transformed my portfolio into agile. Similarly, Infosys leaders are working with Xmart Chief Digital Officers for re-imagination of customer buying journey. Hence after IPMX, I plan to join back Infosys and position myself for such senior leadership roles with leading retailers. Here I will apply my leadership skills and perspectives for transforming the retailer organization and driving growth and innovation. Further, the digital strategy of MMM group companies will be driven primarily by Infosys. Once I gained critical expertise, new leadership opportunities will open up in digital ventures. Here I will identify and implement new technological opportunities in areas such as data-driven optimization, evolution of processes and providing customers an enhanced personalized experience. As I develop my thought leadership, in the long horizon, I wish to progress towards impactful roles such as Chief Digital Officer. In this role, I will strategize and accelerate retailers’ ability to innovate and succeed in this digital era.


3. Please describe 3-5 characteristics that best describe you.(50 words)

I describe myself as positive, humble, hardworking, approachable and adaptable individual. As an example I led agile transformation with focussed planning, recalibrated to various situations and listened to viewpoints. Further, I worked hard as I persuaded and guided my team for reaching milestones. However I remained humble throughout the journey.


4. Please provide any other information that you would like to share in support of your application.(150 words)

My leadership experience started with managing CRM IT operations in ABC. In this multi-cultural I collaborated with people from various cultures and enhanced by people skills. In 2010, I received an appreciation letter from Xmart for taking initiative and leading the team for delivery of Lead Time project. Similarly in 2014, my team was recognized with “Best Team” award for building a massive big data platform for XYZ. Since 2015, I maintained customer satisfaction of greater than 95%. Further, in 2017, the agile transformation success propelled me for briefing Xmart Group CIO during his India visit. I received awards for mentoring and coaching 100+ associates through L&D and HR initiatives. Finally, throughout my career, I am recognized as high potential and remained in the top 5% within my peer group.