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IIM Kozhikode PGPBL Interview Experiences

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IIM Kozhikode PGPBL Interview Experience 1

Here's what I remember from the IIMK interview.

Interviewer1:Alum(VP of a finance firm)
Inteviewer3: Professor or Adcom

I1: Introduce yourself
I1: Tell me something about your startup you started in college
I1: Why did you leave the startup
I1: How will you manage your startup along with your MBA
I1: Why leave your startup and do a job instead
I2: Hobbies
I2: What do you do at your workplace
I2: Post MBA goals
I2: Based on your startup experience you don't need an MBA. Why MBA?
I3: Why did you not join the army
I3: Comment on India's outlook in the next 5 years
I3: If you had the ability to influence what would you change in India
I3: Name three woman entrepreneurs who have influenced you
I1 was probing deep, was restless, and tried to make me uncomfortable
I2 was a silent observer most of the time with virtually no expressions
I3 was pleasant and welcoming