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INSEAD Interview Experiences


INSEAD Interview Preparation package

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INSEAD Interview Experience 1

Interview 1: Alum who has his own start-up in Ecommerce. (Related to my field of Retail)
Q1- Interview was very casual, he started by saying he was impressed with my profile so doesn't have too many questions, which really put me at ease.
Q2- First question was Why MBA
Q3- Next was Why INSEAD
Q4- No more structured questions
Q5- Remaining time I used to ask him about his business idea and INSEAD, which led to a discussion about the Retail industry

Interview 2: Alum in a very senior position at an MNC
Q1- This interview was very different from what I was prepared for, and a very interesting one for sure
Q2- Started with number based questions and on the spot calculations
Q3- Very few popular questions. Only about career goals but through a different approach
Q4- At the end I felt it was a very tough interview, but a great discussion
Q5- It was more of a 'fit' interview