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ISB YLP Interview Experiences


ISB YLP Interview Preparation package

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ISB YLP Interview Experience 1

We had two mock interviews with proper feedback sessions. After preparing for a basic set of questions provided by AppHelp, I had my first mock interview after which I got enriching feedback from Ratti and the best part about it was she didn’t look at the clock throughout the conversation and explained very patiently my drawbacks and how I could improve on them. What I really liked was that the first thing they told me was that never lie or pretend in your interview ever.

Through and through in short, these two mock interviews made me more confident to face the actual panel and answer with confidence.

As far as the actual interview goes, what I found unusual was that inspite of me having the top most leadership positions in the organisations and institutions I’ve been associated to, the panel did not question or delve deeper into that aspect and rather the interview was more on the finance track as I have complete all the levels of the CFA programme. The panelists made me comfortable and I did not feel nervous.


ISB YLP Interview Experience 2

My interview lasted for about 25 mins. I had two interviewers in my panel, both of them were members of the AdCom. It was a stress free interview, wherein they mainly questioned me about the details i had given in my essays, about pros and cons of social media, why i advocated women literacy by staging a 6 km walk, what made me think it was essential to form an all girls club in my college, and things like that. They asked me in specific about a big failure that i think i might have faced in the recent past and how i overcame it. Nothing was asked about my projects or internships (which were mentioned in my resume). Why MBA and Why consulting (because i mentioned it as my long term goal in my essay) were definitely asked. They also wanted to know one instance where i might have applied analytical thinking skills during my internship (again probably because i spoke about a career in consulting). They also asked me to make a rough estimate of the number of parking spaces available at the Chennai Airport. I am not sure if i made the right approximations or ended up with the correct numbers. One of the panelists did ask me to reconsider some of my assumptions but when i wasn't able to make a break through with it, she didn't probe me further and let it be. Finally they asked me if i had any questions for them and wound up the whole process.

Prior to the interview, i was given a topic for case study analysis. It was to provide tax estimations for the different vehicles plying by road with regard to the roadways project (to be undertaken by the private companies) to link various parts of India by high speed lanes. I was given about an hour to complete my analysis. I did not really do much math neither did i guess some random figures for the tax estimations. I came up with a novel idea of proposing toll taxes for vehicles and explained how i would go about it with a few figures. I guess that did suffice.

So that's about it. The overall experience was quite stress free and we were finally asked for our feedback regarding the whole process, right from the time of application until the day of the interview.

Final Result: Offered Admission


ISB YLP Interview Experience 3

The day started with Case analysis followed by an Interview.

Case Analysis:
Almost an hour was given.
Question : A medium sized telecom company is facing a problem that a majority of its consumer base are not paying there bills on time! what may be the causes and solutions for this problem. 

Interview :
Interview panel had 2 members

Q1. Tell us about yourself..! 

Ans: Gave some background info about me,..! Did not speak much (whatever I had planned)
which book did you read latest.
I said Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi... 

Q2. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line.
Ans: Either working in PwC or making the switch to the UN, Told them about my goal of becoming a policy advisor. Then told them that before that, I want to work for a consulting firm using my financial expertise to create impact on the society.
I also said, that in 15 or 20 years, I will be working for the UN, but cannot say in 10 years.

Q3. This was about my NGO - Leaders for Tomorrow...! 
what is the organisation, tell us something about it...!!!!

Ans: told them everything... And i ended by mentioning that I have left the organization, but had worked for 2 years.

Then they asked why did I leave
Ans: had reached a saturation, so left it and then I had other commitments to work on...

Q4 - As a zone head, how many colleges did you oversee, and active people -  
Ans - 550 active people in 11 colleges.

Q5 - Any difficulty you faced while being the North Zone Head
Ans: effective communication to all volunteers.

How did you try and overcome it
Ans: Made a separate hierarchy, without changing the old system, we created another one, which was only used for communication through different mediums.. Not successful in every unit, but majorly, it brought in results.

Q6 - One strength and one weakness
Ans: Strength - Team work, team lead roles and building a team!! 
 Weakness - time management 

Q7 - How can you overcome this weakness
Ans: I said “by tracking the time spent in a day on various activities” 
Then they said, this is only tracking, how to manage better?
I said, after tracking the time I have spent of activities, I can reconcile and identify exact periods where I were unproductive. Thus I can then utilize that time better.

Q8 - Do you know about the World UN day? 
Ans: Sir, not now, but would want to learn that!

Q9 - Where is our PM going tomorrow?
Ans: Sir, i dont know this too. 

Adcom told - World un day is 24th oct and PM was going for UN GA's Assembly :(

Q10 - We divide the batch in groups when you enter ISB, so what will you bring to the table Assume, we 3 are in the same group. You can do a role play of an introduction or just talk about it.

Ans: I would prefer to talk about what I will bring to the table.

1. I am commerce graduate. I would bring the variety as 75% of ISB class has engineering background.

They said, being a commerce student, you wont be able to handle many assignments....! 
I said, I am a quick learner and observer... Will definitely catch up within a month.

Also being a commerce graduate, I ll have knowledge of business and commerce which I will bring to the table.

Apart from this, my goals will give me a unique point of view. When others will be working for business profits, I ll be looking for the impact which the business will have on the society. This will bring in variety to the groups discussion.

Thats all, any questions for us?

I asked about the structure of the YLP program, if we will be coming to Mohali.

They said, that would depend on the mentor. We will try to distribute the sessions across both campuses.

Final Result: Offered Admission


ISB YLP Interview Experience 4

The day started with a case study. The topic provided was: "A major European mobile phone company is planning a major foray into the Indian market on Jan 1, 2014. Analyze the Indian mobile phone market, the features that the company should look to provide and the pricing range the company should look at."

I was interviewed by a panel comprising of 2 members. They started by looking at my resume and asking me about my interests in general. They then discussed why I wished to do an MBA and why it was important for pursuing my goals. They also asked me to elaborate on my goals in the long term. They checked on my general awareness with regards to current affairs. This must have been because I had told them that I like quizzing. They then asked me if I had any questions for them and I asked them a couple. The interview went on for about 25-30 minutes. 

It was a very good experience on the whole. Of course the fact that I made it into ISB made it all the more better :) 

Final Result: Offered Admission