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ISB YLP Interview Questions


ISB YLP Interview Preparation package

INR 7000
  1. Why don't you tell us something about yourself?
  2. How have you positively contributed to your team’s success during your work experience?
  3. Tell me one country which provides better healthcare and does not necessarily differentiate between public and private hospitals?
  4. You have mentioned in your essay that you want to do consulting. You're already placed at PwC and would be doing consulting. What is the need for an MBA then?
  5. Why MBA? What are your career goals and how will the MBA help you achieve them?
  6. Why are manhole covers round?
  7. Apart from the clubs, why do you want to join ISB?
  8. Why are you so vocal about being a feminist?
  9. What did you do as part of your internship at XXXX?
  10. Have you faced any challenges while leading? How did you overcome them?
  11. I see no link. You’re doing Maths hon. Why do you want to take up management? You’ll tend to focus on numbers and statistics while business is more related to psychology?
  12. Supposing that you make it to the PGP at ISB. What clubs would you like to join?
  13. Tell me two social problems in India and how you think you can solve them?
  14. You’ve stated in your application that you’re leading a team of 45 members in college. How often do you meet them and how many names do you remember?
  15. Tell me 3 solutions to these problems and in the sectors you’ve stated and how an MBA would help you here?
  16. Was given a word “Action” and asked to write about 50-100 words
  17. Could you talk about yourself for 2 minutes?
  18. How do you confront your team members if you think they are wrong?
  19. How do you think your sub-ordinates describe you?
  20. Why would you say that? Women are leading SBI, ICICI, Pepsico etc. and these are amongst the best banks and co’s in the world?
  21. Tell us something that is not mentioned anywhere on your application, resume or essays?
  22. Do you have any questions for us?