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MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics (MBAn)

  1. Tell us about a situation where you had to work with someone you found to be difficult
  2. Talk about a time when you had to work closely with someone whose personality was very different from yours.
  3. Tell me about a time you needed to get information from someone who wasn’t very responsive. What did you do?
  4. Tell us about a recent data science or Analytics project you have worked on
  5. What were the results of that project?
  6. What's your approach to solving a data related problem? You can explain your model with an example.
  7. Which data visualizations tools do you use to communicate the results?
  8. What are your career aspirations?
  9. What do you expect to learn from the MIT Sloan MBAn program?
  10. Which module from your undergrad did you like the most? Why?
  11. Any questions for us?