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Michigan Ross Interview Experiences


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Michigan Ross Interview Experience 1

Profile : IT Engineer and Entrepreneur

I had my interview with Mr. Kiran Wadhwana, Michigan Ross Alumni from the class of 1984. He is a highly reputed business man in Delhi and I was slightly nervous before meeting him.

I went to him office in Defence Colony Delhi at 6 PM and my interview started. I had 1 yr 8 months of work ex. at the time of applying to Michigan Ross. The highlights of my profile are some research papers, a patent, 3 international trips as presenters to conferences and a business venture. I work in a highly reputed MNC (IT Products Company).

The first thing he said was "Your work ex. is less and that too IT, you have low chances of getting through Michigan Ross". That made me more nervous. But then it all started. He started talking about my company, my business venture, my patent and everything I had written one by one. He drilled down into the fact that was my business wasn't generating enough money just to check whether I have enough knowledge of the domain. I was able to answer all these questions well. Then to check my knowledge of the company products, he said "I am using this software for a long time, but I am stuck here. Can you help?" Luckily, I solved his problem and that set the ball rolling.

Then he discussed other aspects of my profile and complemented by saying that I have achieved a lot in these 20 months of my work experience. (Which was actually my pitch to him and I think he was convinced".

I applied to Michigan Ross because they have been taking Indians on a consistent basis for last few years (there are almost 10 % Indians in Michigan Ross incoming class every years).

So, I guess apart from the fact that they found me a good fit for Michigan Ross class, they normally have to fill decent number of Indians in the MBA batch.