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Nanyang Interview Experiences


Nanyang Interview Preparation package

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Nanyang Interview Experience 1

Profile: 2.5 yrs. of Experience at the time of application.

Sector: Defense & Aerospace

Company: Larsen & Toubro

GMAT: 700

GPA: 8.32/10 (Mechanical Engineering)

Awards: 2 time National level Business plan competition Winner, L&T CSR Volunteering Award,

Appreciation letters from Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. President of India for Best College Magazine (was Senior Editor), 2 workplace awards for management etc.

Interviewer: Hi (V)! How was your day? How long did it take for you to get here?

Me: Almost 2 hours. Because of the traffic congestion near the airport it took me longer than I imagined.

Interviewer: So, you are working with L&T. Are you passionate about your job?

Me: I love my job. I have had great opportunity here and the overall experience has greatly influenced me right from the very beginning.

Interviewer: Was it a campus placement?

Me: Yes, it was.

Interviewer: So why don’t you take us through your journey.

Me: I discussed my profile at length right from my college activities to the current projects I handle at work. They were particularly interested in my contribution towards the Indian space program.

Interviewer: I see that you are doing great at L&T and they would not want you to let you go. Why do MBA now then?

Me: I more or less explained what I had written in my essays and elaborated a little more on the long term and short term goals. [The main reason being career progression.]

Interviewer: Have you researched about the possible job opportunities in Singapore.

Me: In 2013 Feb, Singapore started the Office of Space Tech and Industry to promote innovation in the aerospace sector and incidentally, NTU made that first satellite for this mission. So now you know why I chose NTU. Post MBA, I plan to explore Defense and Aerospace sectors both within and outside of Singapore. Probably, even broaden my search into other manufacturing industries like automobile. I intend to take the help of Career Development department at NTU for the same.

Interviewer: So will you join if I give you an offer within the next 10 days?

Me: Yes, of course. NTU is my 1st choice school because technology and research is in its DNA. I believe I am the right fit for NTU and NTU is the right fit for me and so I would accept the offer with no hesitation.

Interviewer: Which other school are you applying to?

Me: NUS & ISB. But I haven’t applied to these schools yet.

Obviously, my decision to apply elsewhere will depend on this interview decision.

Interviewer: That is pretty much what we wanted to know from you. You should here from us within the coming few days. Any questions for us?

Me: Yes sir. Firstly, as per your brochure 9% of the previous class got into the manufacturing industry. Would you be able to share the region wise breakup for this sector? This will tell me where I should focus primarily for placements.

Interviewer: That is something we will have to check. I am sure we can get back to you with that information after we go back to Singapore. Anything else?

Me: Yes, one more actually. We are entitled to choose 4 electives during the course. Is that the maximum limit? I came across few electives that are unconventional and unique to the NTU program. For example, The Study of War is something I would like to do but as a 5th elective. Is that possible?

Interviewer: That is very much possible. Though not many opt for a fifth elective there is no limit on the number of electives you can choose. But I must say it’s going to be difficult since Nanyang MBA is a very intensive program.…

Interviewer: It was great knowing you (V). We should get back to you soon. Since you love your job I think you should not burn your bridges and hopefully try and go back to L&T since it is one of the biggest manufacturing & construction companies in the sub- continent while looking for jobs in Singapore. Have a nice day and Thank you for coming.

Me: Thank you so much for having me here. Hope you have a great weekend.