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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Simon Rochester Essays & Deadlines


Simon Rochester Essay Review package

INR 14000

Simon Rochester Application Deadlines ( for class entering in 2021)

Round 1 (15 Oct 2020), Round 2 (5 Jan 2021), Round 3 (15 Feb 2021), Round 4 (31 Mar 2021), Round 5 (1 May 2021)


Simon Rochester Essays

Simon Rochester Essay 1: Describe your short-term and long-term goals for post-MBA or post-MS. Given the fluctuation of economic and industry hiring trends, identify a back-up plan should your short-term goal not be immediately attainable. How does your past education and experience support your career objectives? Lastly, what aspects of your intended Simon Business School program make it a good choice for your graduate study? (250-500 word limit)

Simon Rochester Essay 2: In 25 words or less, provide us with a fun and interesting fact about yourself. (25 word limit)

Simon Rochester Optional Essay: Share any information that you think is important in the evaluation of your application, including any concerns you think the Admissions Committee may have regarding your application. (500 word limit)

Simon Rochester Resume: Provide a current resume, including employment history, post-secondary educational history, nonacademic interests and activities, awards received, and examples of leadership roles. For MBA or MS applicants who lack full-time employment, please include internships and/or part-time experience. (limit 2 pages)