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B-School Selector  (Beta)

The B school selector has been designed to help MBA aspirants narrow down their choices depening on their profile and preferences. It is based on an algorithm which uses GMAT score, educational qualifications, work experience and willingness to stay abroad, post MBA career choice as the major parameters.

This is still in beta phase and Apphelp Team will keep on improving this to help aspirants in B school shortlisting.

Acadamic Performance
Undergrad GPA
Undergrad Institute
Undergrad Major
Highest Level Of Education
GMAT Score
GMAT Quant%
GMAT Verbal%
Work Experience
Total Work Experience (months)
Total manegerial work experience (months)
International experience (months)
Pre MBA Industry
Post MBA desired industry IT
General Management
From Supervisor From B school alumnus From others
Extra Curriculars
Sports Business venture NGO Others None
Who is reviewing Essays
Self Alumnus Professional consultant
Finance available / can be arranged (savings & loan excluding scholarship)
40,000 USD /26 lacs INR
70,000 USD /45 lacs INR
100,000 USD /65 lacs INR
Willingness to stay abroad
Not at all
upto 3 years
upto 5 years
more than 5 years
Geographical preference
User Details
Name *
E-Mail Address *
Phone Number *

Note: This is just a tool. If you feel that you haven't got correct suggestions, please ask for B school shortlisting from an Admissions Consultant by filling this form.